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If you intend to hire a hacking service with us but you don't know or have never used bitcoin before, it is highly recommended that you read this guide and prepare the bitcoins needed to pay for our service before requesting it. If you order a service without previously understanding how the payment method works, you assume the risk to be charged a fine in case of delay.
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Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is money like the one you use on a daily basis, with the difference that bitcoin does not have printed banknotes. It works virtually. It is characterized by being safe, anonymous and fast, as a transfer is processed almost instantly, any day, 24 hours. To use bitcoin, the first thing you must do is register a virtual bitcoin wallet where you can store them. Once you have your virtual wallet, you can buy bitcoin with different payment means that you already know, such as: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposits, Western Union and even local means from your country. Below we will explain how to do all of this.

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As we have previously explained, there are different ways to buy bitcoin and they vary from country to country. Select your country from the list below so we can give you detailed information about the fastest and safest ways to buy bitcoins in your country.


Below you can see all the different ways available in to create your wallet and get bitcoins.
Take a look at the descriptions and means of payment accepted by each, and when you find one that you like, just click on the button that says Read Guide and you will be redirected to all the instructions step by step.